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Okpani Evans, Susan

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Okpani Evans, Susan Crystal Healing

La Ho Chi energy healing

Red Tent Facilitator (Womens Circle)

Shamanic Healing with sounds

Jyorei Energy Healing

North Finchley

N12 7DB

Tel: 0771 3545954


Walking Stories to Wellness supports your health and well-being as you reach a point in your life which causes you to take action. I created this service to share the techniques and treatments I turned to which assisted me to move forwards in my life. I use various types of energy healing such as shamanic energy healing with sound healing, crystal healing, walks in nature, creativity, and oracle card readings. Sessions result in deep healing and a sense of peace and calm, a reboot of the body system, and greater increased clarity on personal goals and direction. When one is clearer about their goals and direction this impacts positively on mental health and general well-being.

Shamanism is probably one of the oldest healing practices known, with variants of the tradition observed in different societies across the globe. According to the shaman, happiness and wholeness can be achieved by moving between the four areas (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), by having a balance between them, and not letting one of them consume all our energy. The session begins with a consultation to the concern and leads into a guided meditation to relax the client before journeying to access the deeper self. The session will take place fully clothed with a gentle light touch at certain points along the body to encourage healing and release blocked energies. Sound healing using voice and tones will further infuse the healing energies to restore balance and harmony to all levels of the body. The treatment will end with reflections and an oracle card reading, and an offering of cacao chocolate for grounding. After-care and check-in are available if needed.