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Ochando, Mari Trini

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Ochando, Mari Trini Muswell Hill , North London

Tel: 07791630138




 Mari Trini     

Mari Trini has been practising and studying self-healing, meditation and the body mind relationship since 1979. She has been a registered energy healing practitioner since 1998 and holds a diploma in humanistic counselling. In addition to this she’s been running a successful aromatherapy and reflexology practice in North London since 1992.


Mari Trini is also a fully qualified and experienced teacher and trainer of adults. She was an associate teacher of the highly regarded Rowan School for Healing and Personal Growth and has taught her therapies - including a 2-year accredited healing practitioner course - in both the private sector and further education.



Mari Trini runs a private therapy practice in Muswell Hill, North London.                                                                                          


She is a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers and the Doctor-Healer Network. 



To make an appointment or for further information please contact Mari Trini on 07791 630138 or email her at