Full Spectrum Healing Diploma Course

Facilitators: Janelle Scialla (The Healing Spectrum), Jan Bradshaw (A&P), Anna McLaren (A&P), and Clare Vause (Couselling Skills)
Venue: Earthworks School for the Healing Arts, Avoncliff near Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

Full Spectrum Healing is a unique multi-modality and multi-dimensional diploma course in Therapeutic Healing, presented over a period of two years. It is accredited through both the Association for Therapeutic Healers (ATH) and the General Natural Practitioners’ Guild (GNPG), and fulfils the requirements of training for both organisations. Successful completion entitles the candidate to membership with ATH and GNPG, subject to panel, and eligibility for insurance as a practitioner.

Students experience a wide variety of methods and approach, as well as different schools of thought, and are guided through deep self-exploration, allowing them to find their own way of working within a safe, structured and nurturing environment. Every subject is examined from the basics up, making this course appropriate for beginners, but it is most suitable for experienced complementary practitioners who have achieved a level of maturity. Approach is both academic and experiential, making it interesting as well as enjoyable, and students receive support and supervision throughout the training.

The course includes stand-alone certificated modules in Counselling Skills, and Anatomy & Physiology, with classes in both subjects specifically designed for complementary therapists. All facilitators are highly qualified with several years experience, and there are guest facilitators for specialist subjects. Classes are small, allowing students to receive a high level of individual attention. For those who wish to carry on after receiving their diploma, there is a follow-on postgraduate certificate course in Crystal Healing. All Core Subjects, including The Healing Spectrum, are available as stand-alone CPD courses.

Training takes place at Earthworks School for the Healing Arts, which has college accreditation. It is located in the beautiful and tranquil hamlet of Avoncliff, near Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. The course is non-residential, and runs primarily on weekends.

Subjects included in The Healing Spectrum module are:

      ·     Chi Kung

·     Breathing

·     Meditation

·     Feeling And Working With The Body’s Energy Field

·     Seeing And Interpreting Auras

·     The Chakras, And Chakra Balancing

·     Scanning The Body For Information

·     Visualisation

·     Creativity

·     Distant Healing

·     Hands On Healing

·     Dowsing

·     Colour Therapy

·     Crystal Healing

·     Sound and Voice Healing

·     Movement Healing

·     Flower and Gem Essences

·     Aromatherapy

·     Creating Sacred Space

·     Space Clearing

·     Grounding, Centring and Protection

·     Psychic Development

·     Spiritual Development

·     Ethics and Boundaries

·     Practise Management

·     Health And Safety (without certificate)

·     Legal Implications and Regulation Of Complementary Therapies

·     Working Alongside Medical Practitioners

Core Facilitators of Full Spectrum Healing

Janelle Scialla (Principal)

Facilitator of The Healing Spectrum

Janelle Scialla originally trained in music, and worked for many years as an orchestral flute player, and later as a session singer and flute player as well as music teacher. From1993-1996 she studied healing in London with Elizabeth St John, founder member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers, and continued to work with her on her apprenticeship programme for a further year. Concurrently, she attended martial arts classes at the Quindo Centre with Khaleghl Quinn, and later became a member of the Crane Society. She began working intuitively with crystals during that time, followed by post-graduate work with the International College of Crystal Healing. She later trained with Dramis West, and is a Master Crystal Therapist. Other training includes a variety of modalities, including flower and gem essences, sound healing, and craniosacral therapy. She has been facilitating courses and workshops in healing and crystal healing since 2002, and regularly contributes articles to various magazines, websites and booklets. Janelle is a registered General Natural Practitioner. She served on the Council of the International Federation of Crystal Healers for one year. She is a member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers

Jan Bradshaw (Assistant Principal)

Co-Facilitator of Anatomy and Physiology

Jan Bradshaw trained as a vet at the University of Bristol, and whilst there she gained an interrelated honours degree in Anatomical Science. Since graduating, she has worked in practice, in education, and as a diagnostic pathologist. She was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2007. Additionally, Jan has trained in therapeutic massage, as a Shamanic practitioner, and has studied other methods of healing, including crystal healing and animal healing. She strongly believes in the inter-connectedness of mind, body and spirit, and feels privileged to be able to guide others in their healing, using a range of modalities.

Clare Vause (Secretary)

Facilitator of Counselling Skills

Clare Vause is a Registered Nurse with 24 years experience. Clare has a holistic approach to health care, and has trained as a counsellor, holding a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills and a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, and also has a certificate in Holistic Massage. She has worked in health care in the UK, Romania and USA, in acute and rehabilitation settings as well as palliative care, and is involved in the support and clinical supervision of healthcare staff. As a teacher, she has taught on the counselling training at Wiltshire College, and her practical experience includes primary healthcare, work with the families of brain injured patients at the Mineral Hospital, Bath, and volunteer counselling for Off the Record.

Anna McLaren (Treasurer)

Co-Facilitator of Anatomy and Physiology

Anna McLaren holds a BA (Hons) in Zoology from Magdalen College, University of Oxford, a diploma in McTimony Chiropractic, and a Moxite Practitioner’s Certificate from the Moxifoundation, Israel. She has worked as a McTimony and Bioenergy practitioner in private practise, and served as both Deputy Senior Practical Tutor and Clinic Supervisor at McTimony College of Chiropractic. More recently she has developed her own system, known as Aura Matrix Body Alignment (AMBA), drawing from the disciplines she has trained in and her own experience. Anna is currently Chair of the Association for Classical Manipulation.

phone: 01225 309 207



School of Healing

North London UK & Granada, Southern Spain

 Healing & Energy Work Courses


The School of Healing was founded in 2015 by Liz Hawkins and Mari Trini Ochando who bring together over 30 years of experience as healers, energy workers, counsellors and educators. We offer a dynamic, integrated healing & energy work training that encompass a journey of personal, professional and spiritual development. Our courses are available in London, UK and Granada, Southern Spain.


Step into Healing - a taster session

Certificate in Healing Studies – for those wanting to explore the possibility of training as a healer, forms the first year of the diploma

Diploma in Healing full 2 yr. training for those wanting to work as a healer


CPD Courses for Therapists:

Self-Care for the Therapist - learning to look after your own energetic boundaries

Energetics of Essential Oils - exploring subtle aromatherapy

Creating Sacred Space - creating space for meditation, therapy work, self-healing

Introduction to Healing & Energy work - a grounding in the basics

COURSE INFORMATION – Short courses and CPD

Step into Healing

A half day ‘taster’ workshop to experience healing & energy work.


Introduction to Healing & Energy Work

A 2 day experiential course that aims to introduce you to philosophies underpinning healing & energy work, explore the benefits of healing, introduce you to subtle energies, sensing energies; grounding, energetic protection; opening to healing energy and closing exercises, self- healing techniques.  This course also forms the first module of the healing diploma.


Self-Care for the Therapist

A 2 day experiential course for any therapist/ healthcare worker but particularly those who feel drained and exhausted by their work. The course aims to facilitate you in recognising your ‘rescuer role’ when working with clients and explore ways of being able to maintain your own energetic boundaries and remain in the present with clients. We will work with some ideas from counselling such as drama triangle/ rescuer role and ideas from energy work such as subtle energy/chakras and meditation.


Energetics of Essential Oils

A 1 day experiential workshop aimed at aromatherapists and massage therapists to discover the energetic aspects of essential oils or ‘subtle aromatherapy’. We will explore the vibrational & spiritual qualities of a range of essential oils and link these with the energy system of the body such as chakras and aura. This day will enable you to create aromatherapy blends for mind, body and spirit.


Creating Sacred Space

A 1 day experiential workshop were you will learn how to create your own sacred space for meditation, therapy work, self-healing or time out. We will explore ways of space clearing a space or room using sound, crystals, essences, essential oils, colour and plants. We will also look at creating internal sacred space through visualisation and guided imagery.


Half day courses £40

One day courses £90

Two day courses £170


Certificate and Diploma in Healing

The healing course explores healing from both a western and eastern perspective drawing on spiritual, psychological and scientific understanding of the human body and energy field. On successful completion of the first year a Certificate: Healing Studies is awarded that enables you to progress onto the diploma. The certificate enables you to practice healing on friends & family only. On completion of diploma course graduates are awarded the Diploma: Healing Practitioner that is validated and recognised by the Association for Therapeutic Healers. The diploma enables you to obtain insurance and practice as a professional healer.

The syllabus includes:

History & development of healing; grounding, centering, cleansing & protection, vizualisation; guided imagery; relaxation techniques; space clearing; preparation for healing work; connecting with universal energy; channelling energy for healing; meditation; energy systems; auras; chakras; managing energetic boundaries; developing intuition; anatomy & physiology; communication skills; closing down from healing; use of colour in healing; working with clients; seated healing; couch healing; distant healing; working with serious illness; healing in the NHS; self-care for the healer; setting up your practice & legal requirements.


Course Objectives

1.     To support and guide students through a programme of self-development and self-healing in preparation for working as a healer

2.     To encourage awareness of and openness to difference and diversity

3.     To develop knowledge and understanding of working with healing techniques

4.     To ensure that you are competent and can work safely as a healer



Course Contents





Certificate: Healing Studies

Introduction to Healing & Energy Work

To be able to practice grounding, centering & protection techniques. Pre-requisite for Certificate & Diploma

Healing Development 1

To be able to practice healing on friends and family. To demonstrate personal and spiritual development. Pre-requisite for Diploma

Anatomy & Physiology for Healers

To demonstrate understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology and the mind body connection. Pre-requisite for Diploma


Diploma: Healing Practice

Counselling Skills for Healers

To communicate effectively with a range of healing clients

Healing Development 2

To demonstrate personal and spiritual development in preparation for working as a Professional Healer.

To be able to deliver Healing to a range of clients

Setting Up In Practice

To demonstrate understanding of the ethical and legal requirements for healing practice

 Module Information

Introduction to Healing & Energy Work (2 days)

Will introduce students to philosophies underpinning healing & energy work, explore the benefits of healing, introduce you to subtle energies, sensing energies; grounding, opening and closing exercises, self- healing techniques. 

 Healing Development 1 (4 days)

Will enable students to develop their awareness, intuition and sensing of subtle energies, auras & chakras. Using creative visualisation for grounding; opening & closing to energy; developing energetic boundaries. Meditation for self -development and self-care.  History of healing in the UK. The benefits of healing. Creating a healing space.  Providing healing to friends and family.  Maintaining a learning journal.

 Anatomy & Physiology for Healers (2 days)

In order to work safely healers need to have a basic understanding of human anatomy, physiology and disease process from both a western and energetic perspective. This will be developed further leading to an understanding of the connection between mind, body and spirit.

 Counselling Skills for Healers   (2 days)

You will explore and be able to demonstrate the person centred skills required to be an effective healer such as empathy, compassion, active listening, being mindful and being present with clients, maintain a learning journal, reflection.

 Healing Development 2   (5 days)

Building Healing Development 1 this module continues and deepens your understanding of personal and spiritual development in preparation for working as a healing practitioner.  Enables you to provide healing to a range of clients and includes: space clearing; creating the healing space; providing supervised healing to clients; sending distant healing; relaxation techniques for clients, adaptations for working with seriously ill clients, the role of healing in the NHS, the evidence base for healing, maintaining a learning journal, reflection, clinical supervision.

 Setting Up Your Practice (1 day)

Professional body; Code of Conduct; insurance; business planning; becoming a sole trader; bookkeeping and taxation.


Entry to the Course

The course is open to those interested in developing an interest in healing through to those who wish to become healing practitioners.

 Entry Requirements

No formal academic qualifications are necessary however prospective students should be familiar with and competent in using basic IT e.g. email, internet,  microsoft word for assignments.

Being a Professional Healer requires communication skills. There are a number of written assignments for this course therefore it is essential that for courses in UK students are able to communicate in the English language both verbally and in writing.


The assessments will enable students to demonstrate the competencies, knowledge and skills required as a professional healing practitioner. Assessment is continuous throughout the course and includes a diverse range of assignments including essays, 6 case studies, short answer papers, self- development journal. These assessments will create a portfolio which will form part of the final assessment. In addition there will be a practical exam and oral/viva exam. The range of assessments is designed to meet the diverse learning styles of students.

Course Structure

The course is taught over 4 weekends per year. In addition you should be committed to guided independent study, meditation practice and healing practice for the duration of the course. During second year you will be expected to engage with supervision for your work with clients. Student numbers are maximum 8 to ensure effective learning and support.

You should expect to:

Attend workshops: 16 x 7 = 112hrs

Guided independent study = 82hrs

Attend Tutorials (yr 2) = 6hrs

TOTAL = 200hrs


Course Cost

Year 1 £800

Year 2 £1000

Monthly payment options are available. Costs include course hand outs, assignment marking & feedback, tutorial support. Students are responsible for purchasing required text books from the reading list. In second year you will be expected to have client case supervision for your case studies external to the course, we can provide a list of supervisors who are ATH members.

Upon Completion

Students who successfully complete the first year will be awarded a Certificate: Healing Studies and will be able to progress onto the diploma. On completion of the diploma and having passed all assessments will be awarded a Diploma: Healing Practitioner and eligible to join the Association for Therapeutic Healers (ATH), obtain insurance and practice as a Healer.  ATH is a member of Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO). Healer members of ATH are required to engage with clinical supervision and Continuing Professional Development.


London - courses takes place in a beautiful centre dedicated to healing therapies in Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU.

Granada, Southern Spain – TBA

The Teachers

The teachers for the course are Liz Hawkins and Mari Trini Ochando, we will also invite specialist teachers for some subject areas.

 Liz Hawkins: has been involved in the healing world for over twenty five years. Originally a nurse, she trained as a healer and Reiki Master and has used both therapeutic modalities in private practice and conventional healthcare. Alongside healing Liz has also practised as an aromatherapist and reflexologist and set up complementary therapy services in hospices and cancer centres.

Liz ran a Complementary Medicine degree course which included healing modules. She has taught healing and supervised students on placement within a healing clinic. Liz is a qualified teacher and holds a PGCHE and Certificate in Supervision.

Liz developed her interest in healing by completing a master’s degree in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice and currently runs her own psychotherapy and healing practice. In conjunction with this she teaches counselling skills to healthcare students and offers supervision to other therapists.

Liz is a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers and a core group member.

Mari Trini Ochando: has been practising and studying self-healing, meditation and the body mind relationship since 1979. She has been a registered energy healing practitioner since 1998 and holds a diploma in humanistic counselling. In addition to this she has run a successful aromatherapy and reflexology practice in North London for over twenty years.

Mari Trini is also a fully qualified and experienced teacher and trainer of adults. She was an associate teacher of the highly regarded Rowan School for Healing and Personal Growth and has taught her therapies - including a 2-year accredited healing practitioner course - in both the private sector and further education.

At present, as well as teaching healing and energy work courses, Mari Trini runs a private therapy practice in Muswell Hill, North London.                                                                                          

Mari Trini is a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers.

Contact Us

Liz  e: londonschoolofhealing@gmail.com                         t: 07900883693

Mari Trini e: londonschoolofhealing@gmail.com              t: 07791630138