Different Types of Membership: 


Full Member: £53.00 per year. Open to professional healers/therapists whose training and experience in healing and another therapy meet the requirements of ATH.

Associate Member: £36.00 per year. Open to students on healer training courses who are aiming for professional qualifications and people with an interest in healing who may practice healing though not necessarily on a professional basis.

Fast Track Full membership (2 categories): £53a/For Healers who have previously been members of ATH.  b/ For Healers who are wishing to return to working as healers and starting afresh.  Please contact ATH
 admin for more information 

Friend of ATH: £10.00 a year. Open to anyone interested in the activities and philosophy of ATH.

Overseas: As above plus £5.00 postage.

Donations: If you wish to support the ATH we very much appreciate your contributions

The above are the yearly fees for retaining membership of ATH
. When applying for membership there will be an initial additional fee to cover administrative costs.