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The Association of Therapeutic Healers



ATH is an association and network for professional healers who combine healing with other therapies. We were formed in 1983 and celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2008.  We are a national organisation currently based in London.

A vibrant and creative organisation committed to extending and developing the tradition of healing in today’s world.

All members are committed to ongoing self-reflection and personal development.

A friendly and inclusive organisation with a respect for diversity and for the individual’s way of working.

ATH is a long standing association with its own heart and essence. It is non-bureaucratic and is steered by a democratically elected core group of members.

Whilst acknowledging the spiritual dimension within each of us, ATH is not associated with any particular religious belief, doctrine or organisation.

ATH is a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

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The 2018 AGM "Our Intention Creates Reality" a presentation with Sue Knight of the CHO takes place on Sat 19th May at Marchmont Community Centre WC1,London. This event is open to the public.

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